10 Step Cleaning Process

Modern’s 10 Step Cleaning process means your carpets get cleaner, dry faster, and stay clean longer.


Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Process leaves your carpets clean and soft. They dry faster and the stay clean longer!


  • Step 1  Pre-inspection Our technician will inspect the carpet with you to identify problem areas. We will then give you a reasonable evaluation for expected results.
  • Step 2  Commercial Pre-vacuum An often overlooked, but important step in carpet cleaning. Our commercial-grade vacuum will remove fine soil and hairs that are not typically removed during the extraction process.
  • Step 3  Furniture Moving Our pricing includes moving sofas, chairs, tables and smaller items. After cleaning, we place plastic/foam tabs underneath your furniture to protect it and your carpet. Beds, dressers, and heavier items are not included in our standard pricing structure.
  • Step 4  Pre-spray A high-concentrate cleaner is sprayed onto traffic areas and spots to break down soils prior to the extraction process.
  • Step 5  Spotting We are experts in stain removal. Spots such as red Kool-Aid, coffee, pet stains and others may need special stain-removal treatments.  We can remove many stains that other carpet cleaners can not remove.
  • Step 6  Extraction Process Using a powerful truck mounted extraction system we clean the soil out of your carpet. This process , also known as steam cleaning, cleans to the base of the fiber. We understand fast-drying carpet is important to you. During the extraction process we have dedicated drying strokes to remove excess water.
  • Step 7  Deodorize We believe your carpet should look good and smell good. That is why we include a Fresh-n-Clean deodorizer at no extra charge.
  • Step 8  Neutralizer This important step to our cleaning process will help your carpet resist soiling. Neutralized carpets feel softer and stay clean longer.
  • Step 9  Carpet Grooming Our finishing touch is grooming your carpet. Our special removes any wand marks and footprints and separates the fibers, standing them up, allowing maximum airflow to decrease drying time.
  • Step 10  Post-inspection This is the fun part. Together, we inspect your carpet to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work