Carpet Cleaning Discounts for empty homes and apartments.

We have cleaned thousands of empty homes and apartments for tenants, landlords and property management companies. We offer discounts because these places don’t need our full 10 step carpet cleaning process.


We have been cleaning move out carpets for over 20 years. We understand how demanding it is when your units are empty. We give priority scheduling to landlords to help them rent units faster. Plus: Our ability to remove difficult stains and get the carpets much cleaner than other companies helps you rent faster and to better tenants. We have cleaned some of the dirtiest carpets in the area and made them shine, we look forward to cleaning for you.


Get your deposit back – guaranteed!* The reason we do this is because we hear stories every day from tenants that were charged twice because a carpet cleaning company did a quick sloppy job and the landlord still had to have the carpets cleaned right (in many cases using us). Our empty move out cleaning prices are very affordable and an even better value because we are the only company that guarantees your deposit back.


* To qualify for the guarantee you must submit the receipt to your landlord and give us the opportunity to correct any issues the landlord has. Also: Pet odor issues are not guaranteed.

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