Carpet Cleaning Discounts for empty homes and apartments.

We give big discounts for empty homes and apartments!

Tenants get your deposit back guaranteed!

We clean thousands of empty places every year.   We clean for property management companies and tenants moving out.  We have lower pricing for this service because we don’t need to do the complete 10 step cleaning process every time.

Landlords: We help you rent the house faster because the carpets are cleaner and smell great.  We can remove the most stubborn stains. Even red koolaid.  Our prices are very affordable and we also have last minute appointments available at most times. 

Tenants:  Not only do we have discounts for empty homes, but we also guarantee you will get your carpet cleaning deposit back. Some coupon companies have great prices but I know of people that were charged twice because the carpets wern’t cleaned well. We do great work at an affordable price and we guarantee your deposit back!